Eben Sumner is Pushing the Boundaries of CBD Manufacturing With Casco Bay Hemp

Innovative product development at Casco Bay Hemp in Maine is providing a wider range of CBD products and allowing for more startups to realize their ideas.

Using CBD to Reach Out to People From Coast to Coast

It’s been a long journey for Eben Sumner to find his calling as the founder of Casco Bay Hemp. He started his career in PR, providing essential outreach for non-profit organizations in Hawaii. Eventually, he moved back to his native Maine, and that’s where he found the benefits that CBD can offer for the health of the mind, body, and soul.

In Maine, he founded a caregiver company, named 1780, cultivating medical cannabis. Unfortunately, the complexities of federal law around cannabis made it impossible for this business to expand outside of Maine. However, Sumner quickly found that he could extend his reach through CBD.

Now, Sumner provides a variety of CBD products through Casco Bay Hemp. The products are all derived from USA-grown hemp, and all the manufacturing is handled right in Maine. The restrictions surrounding medical cannabis don’t apply to hemp, allowing Sumner to provide Casco Bay Hemp products all across the country.

Manufacturing a Unique and Expanding Line of CBD Products

Casco Bay Hemp first began to supply private label products for a variety of retailers and distributors, eventually expanding their operations to include manufacturing and an array of related business services covering the complexities of cannabis. From there, the company has established two retail lines of their own, providing CBD tinctures, oils, supplements, soaps, lotions, edibles, and more.

Even though CBD products are fully legal, Sumner has had to put a lot of work into finding distributors, payment processors, and other partners and services willing to work in this sector. With its extensive resources, Casco Bay Hemp works with numerous companies to develop and manufacture their CBD products to surpass market standards.

Today, Casco Bay Hemp is working towards continuing to lower its minimum order requirements. In doing so, they’re giving smaller companies and startups a chance to develop and bring their innovative products to market where the scale would have otherwise prevented that.

The current line of available products covers a wide range of uses. Among these are topical CBD patches for pain relief, available in CBD alone or in combination with lidocaine or menthol.

Casco Bay Hemp body shop products include CBD bath bombs with lavender, eucalyptus, and blueberry. The cream and salve lineups are available in a variety of scents. They even have three new muscle rub options available for the relief of sore muscles.

Opening Up Wider Access and Understanding of Cannabis

Hemp and marijuana are from the same botanical species; the cannabis plant. The distinction is based on a Federal regulation where THC comes into play. Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC is considered hemp, whereas a plant with a higher concentration is considered marijuana. So, the real difference is the psychoactive nature, or that feeling of being “high”. Outside of that distinction, all types of cannabis create the same beneficial properties at varying ratios. It is exactly like enjoying different types of apples; they are all still apples, however, each is different and unique.

Sumner devotes much of his time to pushing for increased regulatory and social acceptance of cannabis. As part of a consensus commission with the heads of other medical THC-related organizations and groups, he’s involved at the state level lobbying for increased access to and support for high THC medical cannabis.

Years of suppression of cannabis in medicine have left a substantial gap in knowledge on how cannabis products can help those with various conditions. Sumner is part of a think tank that’s collecting and distributing information on individual experiences with cannabis and other botanicals. Through their efforts, they seek to provide resources for those with terminal conditions looking for effective relief, quickly and easily.

Both these efforts and the expansion of Casco Bay Hemp are geared towards improving public access to better health products. Sumner is trying to help give people the widest range of options when it comes to managing the health of their body, mind, and soul.

Written by Thomas Philip and originally posted on Disrupt Magazine