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You hear a lot about “stress eating” in popular culture, general conversation, even in news media.

It seems “stress eating” is a real phenomena.

And for many folks stress eating is a reality.

Food causes biochemical responses in our bodies and brains that feel good and (temporarily) relieve stress. Sugary or starchy foods, foods filled with carbohydrates in particular, release dopamine in our stomachs and brains.

This makes you feel good because dopamine is one of your main “feel good” chemicals.

Is this stress eating chain healthy, though?

If you’re consistently reaching for sugary or starchy foods when you’re stressed, then no, it’s not.

As nourishing as food can be, when it becomes a coping mechanism, it becomes, well, a coping mechanism. And no matter what the mechanism is, eventually you’re going to have to deal with whatever is causing you to cope.

And that’s where stress eating comes in for many of us.

Now, if you’re wolfing down a fresh salad every time you feel a little stress, that is probably a good thing. Keep on keeping on that path.

But, for most of us, we cope with something easy, that’s full of those feel good chemicals.

And this is a problem.

To “deal” with the cause for our coping however, we don’t need to address the mechanism (in most stress eating cases, those yummy carby treats… for some reason a vending machine bag of cheez its comes to mind).

No, the cause of our coping reaction needs to be erased.

And, in the case of stress eating, what is that cause?

Stress of course.

Stress Is One Of The Most Ubiquitous Emotions In The World

But stress is bad for you, in and of itself. Add on the handfuls of cheez-its and you double that detriment. It’s an unhealthy habit.

So, how can you eliminate your need to grab greasy, carb filled snacks?

Transform your stress eating habit into a stress reducing habit (not a stress covering habit that brings you back to the vending machine multiple times a day).

But how can you do this?

Here’s a simple solution…

“Stress Eat” CBD Edibles


Replace that bag of chips with a few CBD gummies, or even, a CBD candy or two, which has that sugary goodness you crave, but coupled with a healthy dose of CBD.

You’ll balance your craving fix with a true stress reliever… CBD.

If you’re looking to reduce your stress, and eliminate unhealthy “stress eating” give CBD Edibles a try, and get off the stress-snack-stress hamster wheel to experience true stress relief.

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