Help Customers Power Through Workouts with CBD Muscle Rubs | Private Label & Wholesale Hemp

The New Year’s resolution inflection point is here!

That’s right, trial gym memberships are wrapping up, and your people soon need to make the decision of whether they’re going to maintain their commitment to health or head back to the couch for another year of lackluster results.

What’s that got to do with you?

Well, you, as a bold purveyor of CBD, can help them help themselves. Providing relief and support from the early struggles of an exercise routine is essential to making it a habit.

A habit that will last all year. Keep reading to see how you can help your people maintain the healthy lifestyle choices inspired by a new year.

Exercise AND Recover in the New Year

Exercise is obviously great for you. It’s vital to living a healthy life and having a healthy body to carry you through that life.

Everyone knows this.

But does everyone follow through?

Not necessarily. But why?

Because health and vitality is an equation, and there’s an entire half of that equation that gets omitted in the New Year, New You health conversation.

Everyone promotes working hard, trusting the process, and grinding to get results!

Unfortunately, they forget to mention an essential portion of that process: Recovery.

As much as exercise is vital to your health and well being, recovery may be more so. Of course, without exercise there is no recovery. In this case the chicken comes very much before the egg.

But, without recovery that egg can’t give you any more chickens.

Once you hatch your exercise routine, you’d best sit on the roost and ensure those eggs bear the fruits of your exercise labors. Or, in your case, you fine CBD seller, the fruits of your customer’s labors.

Optimal Recovery With CBD

You needn’t worry about how you can help your people recover and bring their chickens to life. You already have the tools – or, at least, some of them.

Start with… CBD.

CBD is a crucial ingredient in a well-informed and effective recovery process. After your people do their hard work in the gym, pounding the pavement, or wherever they choose to sweat, you hold the power to help them relax, and let something else work hard for a while.

CBD soothes soreness and induces relaxed recovery and sleep. But, you can do more for your people than just that!

Case in point: CBD muscle rubs.

They contain CBD in all its goodness with a whopping 1,000mg per jar or tube. But, they also hold lidocaine and menthol.

A quick rundown of these two powerful compounds: They’re analgesics and anesthetics. That means they reduce pain and inflammation.

Sounds a lot like CBD, right?

All your people need to do is rub them on any area that’s sore (or is going to be sore soon), and the confluence of these compounds goes to work.

The effects are near-magical.

The lidocaine and menthol melt the pain away. The CBD lowers the inflammation.

The result?

The next time they’re ready to gear up to workout they’re less sore, and thus, more inclined to get after it.

Of course, you can keep offering plain old CBD. Nothing wrong with that.

But why do your customers that disservice? Keep them loaded with CBD, and give them the extra boost of menthol and lidocaine found in CBD muscle rubs.

Head over to our Private Label Services page to put in a wholesale order for your customers best post-workout friend.

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