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The war on drugs has been full of biased, agenda-driven propaganda.

The kind of “news” that has been spread about cannabis has been unjust, unfair, and mostly unfounded.

Even to this day, when there’s a feeling that the war on drugs is losing it’s manic grip on society, news stories – mainly on the nightly network news – abound about people going crazy while high on marijuana, doing crazy things, and never being the same after.

Who Is Propaganda Serving?

Cannabis promoters and sellers are some of the most altruistic people in the world.

You know the benefits of cannabis – and hemp – and promote it because you know it can do individuals, and the world, a whole lot of good.

And you do this not because you’re money hungry drug peddlers who doesn’t care about the people you sell your products to.

Those people are called pharmaceutical companies, and they’re responsible for a pandemic level of drug overdoses and accidental deaths, all in the name of profits and c-suite bonuses.

These are not cannabis or hemp people. These are high-paid, and government subsidized, drug dealers.

But cannabis entrepreneurs?

You, on the other hand, don’t get any money from the federal government. You’re denied access to the federally supported banking system.

You Know What Corrupt Regulators Don’t Want The World To Know

Cannabis in general is good for people.

Sure there are cases where it may not be healthy for some people to consume cannabis. Those individuals know what they can and can’t do.

Most of the population though? They’re fine to consume cannabis, even if they choose not to.

But more and more people nowadays are turning to cannabis and hemp derived products for supplementation and alternatives to other, more sinister, products peddled by men in white lab coats.

You know this. That’s why you’re in this industry.

And here’s a myth busting fact: when you combine THC – that ever talked about psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant – with CBD, the benefits (of course you know we can’t say “medical benefits”) are astounding.

CBD + THC – What Uncle Sammy Doesn’t Want You To Talk About

When you combine CBD with THC a strange phenomenon occurs. They help each other help you.

THC will get you high of course, but it does other things as well. Chiefly, it reduces inflammation and mitigates pain. Two things that CBD is great for too.

When you take the two together they continue to do the good work we know they do, but they become more.

The benefit is amplified. And they cross over.

For instance, CBD will limit the psychoactive effects of THC, which is very convenient.

There are certain benefits that THC brings to the table (beyond being stoned) that you may want to consume it for, even if you don’t want to get high.

Pain mitigation is probably the biggest benefit. In most people’s experience THC does a much better job of eliminating pain than CBD alone will.

If you don’t want to get stoned, but you still want that pain limiting benefit, you can take CBD and THC together and get the best of both worlds.

This is where taking a CBD tincture and THC tincture together becomes really exciting.

Take a high dose of CBD, 60-100 milligrams, and a lower dose of THC, 5-10 milligrams, and see what happens.

You will feel great.

And that’s what the big pharma companies, and their government pawns, don’t want you to know. You can get a lot of the benefits of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, with none of the ugly side effects.

Feel like you’re getting too high? Take less THC or more CBD next time.

Want to feel a more euphoric effect? Take more THC or less CBD next time.

Simple to dose, and easy to control.

And nobody is dying because of cannabinoids. In fact, people’s lives are getting dramatically better because of cannabinoids.

You can read medical science about this. These are no longer “crazy hippies” touting the benefits of weed to a drunk on booze and propaganda world.

Now, there are scientists realizing that the counterculture has been right all along.

Maine Made CBD + THC

Unfortunately, due to ancient regulations, we cannot offer you THC products.

But that’s alright, there are plenty of great THC producers right here in the state of Maine (and in many other states around the country who have legalized cannabis).

Check out the Maine Growers Alliance to find the most reputable Maine THC producers

You can head to a dispensary, or even have THC delivered now, to grab a THC tincture.

When you do that go to our private label CBD Tinctures page and get a CBD tincture so you can start experimenting with the potent combination of CBD + THC.

It’s a whole new world.

After that, it’s up to you to navigate the absurd regulatory red tape to get CBD + THC to your customers. But that’s why you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got some ingenuity, some kahunas, and the willingness to experiment and ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

Make the world a better place. Listen to what the hippies have been saying for 60 plus years.

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