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Beef up Your Entourage With This Cool Mom: CBG

The Mother Cannabinoid is here to enhance your entourage. CBG is growing quickly in popularity because of its potent medicinal properties.

As you know, the more cannabinoids you take together, the more profoundly positive the effects can be. CBG is yet another cannabinoid that will increase the efficacy of your CBD and cannabinoid products, by creating a more robust “entourage effect.”

We now have bulk quantities of this newest-member-of-the-cool-kid-club cannabinoid for sale. 80 kilos will be dropped off at our warehouse in the next 24 hours. After that, the available amount only goes down.

The price of this CBG is extremely competitive and we expect to go through our 80 kilos quickly. Send us an email at sales@cascobayhemp.com to learn more about pricing and quantities available. We can accommodate most custom quantities, however pricing is scaled towards larger quantities.

Give your customers more of an entourage effect, add this cool mom cannabinoid to your arsenal. Learn more about our CBG manufacturing services here.

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