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Sublingual CBD tinctures are the most popular ingestion method. With hundreds of new CBD tincture users daily, lets make sure we are doing it correctly.

CBD tinctures are the most widely used form of taking the oil. CBD tincture oils are available in a sizable array of flavorings and dosages. Our most popular tincture flavors are lemon and peppermint, and we usually suggest the 900mg strength oils.

Unfortunately, a lot of new users of CBD tinctures aren’t taking it most effectively. I’d venture to guess that maybe 15% of the population has any kind of idea what cannabidiol is. In those terms, there are lots of new users daily and they don’t know anything about cannabinoids let alone how to ingest them optimally. Using CBD tinctures may seem simple. Most people think a tincture is a tincture, but there’s absolutely an optimal way for sublingual ingestion. Everyone needs to understand that their bodies will uptake a certain amount of cannabinoids and everyone is different. A common mistake is for people to buy an 1800mg/ml tincture and take the same amount as say a 500mg/ml tincture and think they’re going to absorb a lot more CBD. Thats not necessarily the case because again, your body will only uptake as much CBD tincture as it can.

What does sublingual tincture ingestion mean?

Majority of CBD use is sublingual, simply meaning taken orally specifically under the tongue. This delivery method is effective for faster absorption with transdermal patches being the fastest and allowing for the most cannabinoid uptake. Your body will only uptake so much CBD, and everyone is different.

Benefits of CBD tinctures

Sublingual CBD tinctures are one of the fastest acting forms of taking CBD with increased bioavailability. This is due to many blood vessels located under the tongue. These capillaries carry active ingredients directly to the blood without going through the digestive system. Sublingual tincture absorption isn not only fast acting, but often absorbs a higher percentage of each dose than traditional oral ingestion or just dropping the tincture into a drink. Holding it under the tongue for a period of time (30-90 seconds) is important.

How to take CBD tinctures

CBD sublinguals must be placed under the tongue for best results. Once determining dosage your effective dosage, place this amount under your tongue and hold it there for 30-90 seconds, allowing all of the cannabinoids, proteins, terpenes, lipids, fats (The good stuff!!) enough time to be absorbed by the capillaries before being swallowed.

Tincture Dosage

A daily dose of CBD sublingual oil usually consists of 0.5 to 1.0 ml, though you may require more or less depending on your specific needs. If you are not sure how much CBD oil to take daily, we suggest starting with a low dose and working your way up gradually until you achieve the desired effects.

CBD Tincture

Other CBD ingestion options

We are all unique in terms of our physical makeup and endocannabinoid systems. Not everyone will enjoy a sublingual CBD tincture and it may not be the most effective for you. Fortunately, there are other delivery options available such as CBD patches, CBD capsules, CBD soap, CBD creams, and more. Even though other CBD products may not act as fast as sublingual oil, the CBD in these formulas will still interact with your system in the same way.

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