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It seems like CBD has become ubiquitous across the globe.

We get requests for CBD from clients from everywhere around the world. Just this week from the UK, Australia, France, Japan, and India (and that’s not even all of them).

For whatever reason, a lot of these requests have been for CBD Soap.

And more and more retail customers have been buying CBD Soap recently, too.

Random people who you would never suspect being caught dead in possession of any cannabinoids are taking CBD like it’s their job. They’re eating it, putting it on their food, and yes, cleaning themselves with it.

CBD seems to be everywhere.

But how much do all these people know about CBD? Actually?

Do they know the “CBD secrets” that industry pros are privy to?

Do you?

Read on to find out.

CBD Secret #1

Not all CBD is created equal.

There are CBD companies out there who would rather cut corners in the name of short term profits (we’ll call them “green diggers”) than pass the ultimate benefit of CBD onto their users.

If your CBD supplier can’t or won’t give you lab results for their CBD products, they are probably a “green digger.”

They’re in business to make money, period.

They don’t care what goes into their products and they don’t care how it makes your customers feel.

Avoid the green diggers at all costs.

CBD Secret #2

How you take CBD changes its effects.

What’s better? Transdermal, sublingual, digestible, or topical?

Any thoughts?

Really, it depends on the benefit you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to sell to people to relieve pain, transdermal or sublingual is probably best.

If you’re in the market of providing people with healthy treats after dinner, or anytime during the day, digestible is perfectly fine to offer your herd.

Perhaps you sell CBD beauty products for flawless skin and beautiful looks. Topical is most definitely the way to go for you.

Think about your customers, their end goals, and why you’re offering them CBD.

This will help you determine what products are best to provide.

Would you like to offer your herd a product that is meant to benefit the consumer in every way possible (no green digging here), and will help you on your mission to get your customers clear, flawless skin?

Check out CBD soap.

It’s got 75mg of CBD per bar, is hand crafted right here in Maine, and comes in Vanilla, Oak and Charcoal or unscented scents.

Go to the link below to get the scoop on this up and coming CBD product, CBD Soap and find out if Private Label CBD Soap is right for your brand.

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