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Everyone is talking about CBD these days. CBD product searches on Google are now 4 times more frequent than THC. What is everyone looking for?

Its our theory that folks are most interested in CBD products for the health benefits. Lets face it, Americans on the whole aren’t as healthy as we used to be. The pharmaceutical industry would have us believe that a pill can fix the overwhelming decline in nutritional value of our food. Sugar is king and big pharma queen. CBD, while having many health benefits, will not be the cure all.

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CBD Product Searches On Google

In order to reap the most benefit of full spectrum CBD products you must take an integrative approach to your health. Yes, some CBD products have an immediate positive effect in treating pain or anxiety but, if you want to fully experience what CBD can do for the long haul then feeding your endocannabinoid system with full spectrum CBD products is the answer.

With the market for CBD products booming, there are more ways than ever to work a dose of this versatile cannabinoid into your daily regimen. But no single CBD product is right for every consumer. CBD product companies are always introducing new items to their online shelves. So many CBD products are now available, from CBD oils to CBD vapes to CBD capsules, it’s tough market for consumers to navigate on their own. This is why everyone is going to the end all and be all of content, Google.

Another reason the overall global trend towards folks seeking out CBD products over THC is that the majority of the population does not want to get high. THC-containing products can be risky as their onset, intensity, and duration of their effects are often unpredictable. The overall THC and CBD consumer market prefer edibles that contain some CBD in order to mitigate those risks, and perhaps this drives a higher prevalence of CBD products in the edibles category. THC has been in the spotlight for years with CBD just now gaining in popularity. We are noticing similar patterns in the inventory of CBD products available in the cannabis storefronts and online menus.

We can’t help but wonder if CBD-containing products is driven directly by consumer demand? I’m guessing people are looking for CBD in edibles, tinctures, vapes and skincare more than other product categories, and supply is chasing this demand. It’s no secret there is becoming an overload of inventory for cannabis in legal states, THC that is. CBD products are not as readily available as hemp farming in this country, and the world is now catching up.

The high consumer interest in CBD we see may be signaling that the cannabis product landscape is primed to shift in order to meet changes in demand. As we said earlier, the majority of people on the planet do not want to get high. Most folks want to mellow, but getting rip roaring stoned on THC is great for a lot of people, but not the majority. CBD products offer users a calming effect and amazing anti inflammatory properties, something we all need.

Another example, given that the fastest growing CBD product related searches include “CBD vape,” “CBD oil,” and “CBD pills”, “CBD tincture” etc.. an interesting theory is that consumers are leaning more towards holistic health than they are recreational highs. We have noticed that CBD vapes and CBD gummies are now our most popular searches and products sold. One can hypothesize that people still can’t fully separate from the recreational history of a vaporizer and the candy/recreational history of a gummy.

More than anything when going to Google we want CBD consumers to find a reputable CBD products company. We like to consider ourselves that. Casco Bay Hemp is a small company that prides ourselves on quality full spectrum CBD products with stellar customer service. The healing powers of cannabidiol are first and foremost with the goal of getting as many cannabinoids in our endocannabinoid system as possible. The best way to achieve this is offering phytocannabinoid rich CBD products at an affordable price. Check out our full product line here:




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