Hemp & CBD Marketing Services in Maine

Who better to help market and sell your brand than the folks supplying you the product? Effective marketing is based on trust and knowledge. We provide both, after-all it’s our raw materials you’re using. Casco Bay Hemp will supply you with a quality product to fill your brands jars while making sure you maximize sales opportunities. If you sell more, we sell more. Our partners have years of experience in Cannabis, Hemp and marketing! We know cannabinoids, marijuana, Hemp and CBD. From seed to packaging, we got you! Talk to us about your brand, you will hear the passion and expertise.

If You Scratch Our Back, We’ll Scratch Yours, Then Help You Scratch Ours Again, In Perpetuity

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by online marketing?

Don’t you think life must have been so much easier when marketing meant mailing prospects a letter, recording a radio or TV spot, or buying ad space in the local newspaper?

There were fewer channels and they were simpler to understand, track, and test.

Nowadays the world isn’t so simple.

As a business owner (which really means a marketer) you can use:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • SEO
  • Print – journals, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, magalogs
  • Direct mail
  • Content marketing
  • Or, blogging

To name just a few of the literally thousands of options available online and offline.

To help our well-intentioned, albeit overwhelmed clients, we offer marketing services to all of our Private Label, White Label, and Wholesale customers.

But we never really push those services.

That’s because you keep us so busy fulfilling your orders and getting your products to you on time.

We really can’t handle much extra work.

But, we have a new service, that we’ve been using for a few months now, that we can’t help but offer our loyal customers.

It’s too powerful to keep hidden any longer.

And not fair to keep away from the numerous brands and companies we love.

Stashing it away in our arsenal of marketing strategies, never to be shared with the world, would be like having a cure for the common (marketing) cold, and only ever using it for ourselves.

Which is why, we would like to extend this new service to you.

This is not a new product for you to sell, something that would increase your workload by giving you another widget to keep track of, market, and get in the hands of your customers.

No, we are offering you a ready made service to help you sell more of what you already offer.


Brand Visibility Campaigns

This marketing service creates an almost instant boost of traffic to your website (within 48 hours typically) and then – as you continue to use it over time – helps your web pages and blog posts climb higher and higher in google search rankings.

And no, before you even ask, this is NOT SEO.

In some ways, it gets done what SEO is supposed to do (but for some reason always falls short), and in other ways it does a lot more than SEO.

I’m sure you would like to inquire about the details, but honestly as a busy business owner, do you really have time to understand the intricate workings of online marketing?

Is it necessary for you to know any more than it works and it’s legal?

And these campaigns work (like gangbusters), and, are entirely legal – no gray areas, loopholes, questionable methods, or shadiness anywhere in it – we promise.

Here is our proposition:

We want you to sell more CBD products from Casco Bay Hemp, because that means we sell more, AND because that means more people are getting more CBD – our two fundamental goals as a business.

Which is why we are offering YOU our valued [private label, white label, wholesale] clients a special introductory offer for this high end marketing service…

Get this $1,000 a month service for a mere $497 for the first two months you use it.

After that the price increases to $1,000/month, but by then the results will be so astounding you’ll see the value in paying each and every month.

Why do you need to use this service month after month?

The longer you use it, the more impressive and effective your results become.

The longer we work to enhance your search engine visibility and brand exposure, the higher and higher you climb on the results pages.

One client, after a year of using this service (at a much higher price tag, I might add) now dominates the first page of google results for his business in his area, for nearly ALL KEYWORDS related to his products and services.

Not bad, for what is a massively UNDERPRICED service.

I’ve seen SEO “experts” charging $2,000; $5,000; even $10,000 a month for a service that, let’s be honest, never fails to disappoint.

Our Brand Visibility Campaign costs a fraction of that, and delivers on its promises…near immediate boosts in traffic… high – even dominant – rankings on search engines.

If you don’t see results in the first 30 days, send us a message explaining your situation, and we’ll immediately refund you.

But we’re not worried about that.

We know how these campaigns work. They’re one reason why we’ve developed such good google rankings here at Casco Bay Hemp, and we know how effective they are. Take advantage of these over 50% savings while you can.

We suspect that demand will be very high for this Visibility Campaign after its initial release to the public. And, if it is, prices will go up immediately (we can only handle so much extra work).

So don’t be left behind by your competition. Seize opportunity when it lands in your inbox, and take advantage of over 50% savings right now, before it’s too late.

We look forward to continually helping you grow your business.

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Question Product Mockups
AnswerNo photographer? No problem! Our design team will place your label designs on realistic container mockups for your entire product line. Service includes 3 varied angle photos of each product and all original PSD files. Starting at $50/product and $10/product variations in addition.
Question Logo Design
AnswerTransform your branding visions into a quality logo for your business. Service includes up to 5 revisions. The final deliverable will be a zip folder that includes print files, editable files, and a branding guide. Proposed fee is $300.
Question Packaging Design
AnswerWith Casco Bay Hemp, the labels you’ve been imagining will come to life. Whether you have branding guidelines established or not, our Creative Director will work with you directly to create labels, boxes, or other packaging for your products. For the finished product, you will receive both editable and print ready files for you to print at the location of your choice. Service includes up to 4 revisions and 4 product variations. Starting at $300/product. Additional variations and revisions will be charged an extra $25 each.
Question Custom WordPress Web Design & Development
AnswerThis service includes the following:

  • Full WordPress website design, branding, and development
  • Google Analytics hookup
  • Optimization of web pages (H1s, meta descriptions, title tags, alt text)
  • Blog functionality
  • Contact form functionality
  • Email capture functionality

This service includes all pages on the website. Proposed fee is $2,500.

Question WordPress Maintenance
AnswerThe Website Maintenance service includes the following:

  • Ongoing per request website updates
  • Ongoing content placement testing
  • Ongoing plugin testing and updates
  • Ongoing conversion testing

Proposed fee is $500/mo.

Question SEO Services
AnswerAre you struggling with your website being seen on Google and more importantly by your potential customers? SEO services help increase your rankings and get your website in front of the eyes of your target market.

Starting at $300/mo.

We have over 30 combined years experience in digital cannabis and CBD marketing

The partners at Casco Bay Hemp have owned and sold marketing firms all while being deeply involved in the cannabis and hemp industries. From seed to extraction or design to development we’ve got you covered.

Becoming involved in our private label client’s marketing strategies was a natural evolution. The owners of Casco Bay have years of marketing experience, business to business and business to consumer. We’ve participated in the medical cannabis industry in varying degrees growing cannabis & hemp while marketing our own brands. We are now in this new venture with new client: CBD private and white labeling. So why not help our clients market their hemp and CBD product lines? You will be getting the raw materials from us. We know exactly what goes into the entire process from seed to packaging.

About Our Hemp Marketing Services

We have a small team of digital marketing experts and traditional advertising brand ambassadors. We can help you from logo design to website development to sales support with CRM integration (Customer Relationship Management software). In today’s digital world your cannabis and hemp marketing strategies need to be anchored in digital. Stay in front of your customers like clockwork with marketing automation. Don’t know what that is? Just ask us. Well rounded campaigns combine an unforgettable brand with the highest quality product and in your face relentless automated marketing.

Years of experience in the medical cannabis marketing and growing industries afford us a deep knowledge in how to separate your company from others. Let’s be honest, the competition in the cannabis and CBD marketing game is still young. There are lot of inexperienced investors and “entrepreneurs” trying to capitalize on what they feel is a gold rush industry. We know better. We are applying our combined 20+ years in Business to Business marketing combined with 10+ years in cannabis and hemp farming and applying it to our clients. Join us, together we can grow together.

Custom CBD Marketing Services

Don’t see what you’re looking for listed above? We are willing to offer custom services tailored to your exact needs. Just reach out to us and we’ll figure out a way to help!

Interested in Hemp & CBD Marketing?

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in product samples? Would you like to see some examples from our portfolio? Let us know and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.