Bulk CBD Oil for Sale

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation.

This is true no matter what you’re building, from houses to businesses.

That’s why, for CBD companies maintaining relevance and popularity in the ever expanding, highly competitive CBD market, quality ingredients are as important as a properly poured cement foundation is for a house. You don’t see them in the final product but it wouldn’t be able to stand without them.

Top notch CBD materials are where your products begin to shine. High-quality CBD is necessary for a high-quality brand.

Bulk CBD Oil from Casco Bay Hemp

This high-quality Bulk CBD Oil is exactly what you need for a sturdy, sound business.

Whether you do your own formulations, or you ship your ingredients off to an outside company, we have exactly what you need to develop high-quality, pure products.

Bulk CBD Oil Details

  • Available 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and up volumes
  • Custom titrations and formulations available
  • US Compliant, UK Compliant, T-Free, Nano, Water Dispersible, USDA, USDA Organic, Conventional
  • Flavored options available
  • 3rd party Certificate of Analysis
  • Air Shipping and Over land options available for large orders. Small orders require DHL.

**Recipients must be fully compliant within their country and assume responsibility through the customs process. We will provide 3rd party labs and any paperwork needed for a successful product transfer.

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