2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Organic Maine CBD | Casco Bay Hemp

The day to celebrate your love and affection for the one you love is… right around the corner.

Is Valentine’s Day on Your Radar?

If not, may we suggest reading our blog post from last week. It’s chock(olate)-full of suggestions on how to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

But, then again, how will any of us forget this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Typically, Valentine’s Day means a romantic evening out. Not this year, nope. V-Day 2021 will be the year of romantic nights in.

Luckily, CBD is here to help make a different kind of Valentine’s Day just as romantic and special as a “normal” Valentine’s Day (what even is normal anymore?).

Here’s a list of CBD inspired, stay-at-home, Valentine’s Day dates:

CBD Bath Bomb Bubble Bath

Nothing says romance like, sharing a steaming hot soak with the one you love. Assuming your tub is large enough for 2 people, fill it up with hot-hot water and drop a 100mg CBD Bath Bomb in. Let the bomb dissolve and slowly sink in to enjoy a nice long soak. If you happen to be spending this Valentine’s Day alone, this is the perfect treat. Show yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day (or any day, for that matter) and let your worries float away on a bubbly cloud of CBD induced bliss.

Stock up on CBD Bath Bombs here.

CBD Massages

Massaging each other with Super Strong CBD Salve (900mg of CBD per jar!) is an excellent way to spend an evening, whether it’s Cupid’s holiday or just a regular Tuesday. You can’t go wrong with easing each other’s tension and rubbing CBD deep into sore and aching muscles. Once again, you’ll be floating.

Massage materials live here.

CBD Laced, Valentine’s Day Meals

Not every Valentine’s Day dose of CBD needs to get into your body through your skin. You can eat CBD, too. Take some lemon tincture and mix it in with the olive oil on your salad, or drop some peppermint into the hot chocolate to winter cocktail you have after dinner. Valentine’s Day isn’t all baths and massages. You’ve gotta eat dinner, too.

Romantic meal fixings are stored in this CBD pantry.


And, since you’re eating dinner (obviously) why not round out the evening with some CBD desserts. CBD Gummies or CBD Candies are the perfect treats to wrap up a romantic, CBD infused, Valentine’s Day.

Delicious treats to round out your relaxing night in are here.

A Valentine’s Day Like No Other

Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough year since our last lovers holiday. It’s unlikely anyone is feeling their absolute best. Everyone is stressed, tense, nervous, and confused.

These are tough conditions to let go and let the love flow, under.

Fortunately, by incorporating CBD into your celebration of love, you have soothing relaxation built right in.

If you use CBD in all the ways listed above for your lover’s night in, you will feel more relaxed than you have in the past year, or potentially, ever.

Loosen up, let go, and savor the subtle relaxation of CBD.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

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