CBD For Pets - A Tale of Two Tails

Would you like to hear a quick little story about two not-so-young-anymore pooches from a small town in Southern Maine?

It may make you want to get CBD for your pets, it may not. The choice will be yours.

These two dogs had very similar lives: loving owners, big yards to play and chase squirrels in, and scraps from the table at every meal.

And, as both hounds got older and older their joints got stiffer and stiffer, until one day they couldn’t even stand up off their beds.

They would lay about all morning, adjusting their position, rolling around on their beds, until they got warmed up enough (around noon) to finally get up onto their feet.

Of course, the happy go lucky pups didn’t know the difference. They could never be unhappy about their situation. Not like a human could.

And they could never express their pain or discomfort to their loving owners.

Pets Can’t Talk, That’s Why You Never Hear About Their Pain

Naturally, the kind and caring owners of these pooches noticed the difficulty their furry friends were having getting out of bed. Naturally, they wanted to do something.

They tried new diets, longer walks, shorter walks, you name it, these adoring pet owners wanted to get the vigor back into their best friends.

Eventually, one ever-experimenting owner stumbled on CBD for pets.

It’s the same stuff as CBD for people (except with more exotic flavors like “beef”), and works the same way.

That’s because all vertebrate animals (humans included) have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). That’s the system in your body, and your pets body, that is made up of “receptors” that CBD – and other cannabinoids – fit into like a key into a lock.

The ECS is how your body absorbs CBD.

The ECS Is How Your Pet’s Body Absorbs CBD

Without thinking about it for a second, this dog owner who discovered CBD for his pooch jumped at the opportunity. He had heard great things about CBD for pets, and was certainly willing to give it a shot.

His counterpart dog owner wasn’t so lucky to find CBD for his pup.

The results speak for themselves.

Within a week the pooch who was given CBD was back to his normal self. It was like he was five years younger. He was back in his prime playing, chasing, and getting out of bed freely.

The poor pooch who didn’t get any CBD?

Well, the rest of his life wasn’t lived out in such a joyous way.

He didn’t know that he was hurting and having trouble getting up out of bed. Still, even if he couldn’t express it, it’s likely that he was in some serious pain.

The fact that he couldn’t get to the door, tail wagging, to greet his owners when they got home, or talk about his pain, didn’t change the fact that he was in rough shape.

You can probably see where this is going.

CBD Helped One Pup Get His Life Back

The other?

Living his days in more and more pain and stiffness, laying on his bed for longer and longer, until eventually he couldn’t walk anymore. And you know what happens when a beloved pet becomes more of a burden than a pal.

It’s a sad tale that happens all too often.

Fortunately, more and more pet owners are turning to CBD for their pets, and seeing miraculous results, like the lucky pup above who’s owner got him some CBD.

If you’d like to help your dog, cat, rabbit, or horse feel less pain, and act years younger than they are, click the button below and find the right Pet CBD product for your best friend.

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