CBD Crude Oil Available in Bulk Amounts

Looking for some high-quality ingredients for your CBD products and formulations?

Announcement: A “Nice Well Rounded Crude” – Available in Bulk Amounts

This newly processed, nice, well-rounded crude is exactly what you’re looking for.

Many products on the market right now are hyper concentrates of one, maybe two (if you’re lucky), Cannabinoids.

That’s great if you’re looking to make CBD Isolate, or other similar products.

The ability of this industry to make super-potent, hyper-focused products is getting to be pretty amazing.

But what happened to the Full-Spectrum?

Why is there so little talk about the entourage effect all of a sudden?

Everyone in our industry knows that the most benefits of consuming cannabinoids gets passed along to the consumer when they consume numerous cannabinoids in concert with each other.

Specific, isolated compounds are great for creating specific effects, like the massive amounts of THC seen in cannabis products… they’re meant to get you high.

But that’s not necessarily the most beneficial way to consume the plethora of valuable cannabinoids we now have access to.

Which is why this new Full-Spectrum Crude Oil is so great.

Why is Full Spectrum Crude Oil So Great?

It’s bucking the hyper-concentrated, isolated trend of the cannabinoid market.

There’s a smattering of cannabinoids present in this crude including CBD of course, CBC, CBG and others.

This is truly a well-rounded crude.

It was processed from Massachusetts Registered Hemp and comes with the Certification to prove it, along with a COA that clearly shows its superiority.

This FSO is full of clean, pure, diverse cannabinoids.

No fillers, or junk.

It’s just the oil you need to make high-quality FSO products, or the perfect base to extract and isolate any of the half dozen cannabinoids present in the material.

Get this superior Full-Spectrum Crude Hemp Oil before it’s gone – supplies are limited.

Email sales@cascobayhemp.com for pricing and availability.