Casco Bay Hemp Welcomes Australian CBD Companies To The CBD Industry

Welcome to the family, Aussies!

You’ve now officially joined the elite club of entrepreneurs who sell CBD (and hopefully soon other cannabis or hemp derived products).

Oh what fun awaits you.

You’ll have plenty of pitfalls, interference, and hoops to jump through (if Australia is anything like the US, and frankly, I’ve seen your upcoming “legalization” and we might, miraculously, be better off than you).

But, don’t let that take away from the excitement and progress that you have made. You now have the ability to do a whole lotta good in the world, as I’m sure you know.

So what can we do for you?

Private Label CBD Shipped from US to Australia

We’ve been in this business for twenty plus years at this point, and we have more or less seen it all.

Rapidly shifting legislation, multiple presidencies, intense (and arguably illegal) bureaucratic oversight, customers who have no idea what we do, crop shortages, massive overproduction of crops. You name it, we’ve seen it.

So, whatever help you need, whether you’re starting a new CBD venture, or expanding an existing company to fill every square inch of market space that the law will let you, we want to help.

In our opinion, the more CBD and cannabis products in the world, the better the world is.

Let us give you a hand with our bulk product offerings, wholesale options, raw materials supply, white label manufacturing, private label manufacturing, marketing and business consulting, design & branding services, and anything else you may struggle with in the coming years.

Starting a new business venture can be overwhelming, it’s nice to have experienced friends and business partners to lean on when things get tough or confusing.

Check out our International Services page and send us a message asking about any of the products or services we offer to our business partners and lean on us at Casco Bay Hemp.

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