Can You Use CBD to Goldilocks Yourself Away From Your Competition?

You know what assuming does… but I’m going to assume something about you right now.

You sell CBD because you like to help people. You know how valuable CBD can be for so many people, and you want to spread that knowledge and relief as far and wide as you can.

Am I wrong?

Like the saying goes, you never want to assume.

But presuming that statement above entirely, or partially, describes you, do you know if you’re doing all you can to help your customers find the exact relief they are looking for?

You probably want to be, even if you think you aren’t right now.

Recently, a phone call came into our office. It was an older woman complaining that she had taken CBD before but it “didn’t work.”

Sometimes people need to be reminded that even if you don’t feel CBD “working,” if you put it in your body, it’s doing something, and something positive at that.

You may not feel anything, but it’s doing its job.

But of course some people need more CBD than others. And…

Sometimes Less Is More

And therein lies the secret to help your customers more than your competition.

Everyone has their own particular Goldilocks Zone, just like the Goldilocks Zone of the Earth revolving around the sun.

If we were closer we would burn up.

If we were farther away it’d be too cold and dark for life to thrive.

Fortunately, we’re orbiting our star in the exact right spot. Not too hot, not too cold.

And so it goes when taking CBD. You can take too little, you can take too much. And every person’s Goldilocks Zone is different, unique to them, an Endocannabinoid fingerprint, if you will.

So how can you help your people find the specific dose they need to match their fingerprint?

Well, for now at least, trial and error is really the only way to determine what is “right for you.”

Dose calculators are still a thing of the future.

But, luckily, CBD is a low consequence compound. It has no real overdose or health threatening potential. If someone eats more than they need, the worst that will happen is they’ll feel drowsy, or fall asleep.

It’s advisable to not drive or operate heavy machinery while feeling out your dose range.


And as a brave CBD entrepreneur you are in a position to help your customers find their dose, and use it to maximize their wellbeing.


Offer A Range Of CBD Doses

The easiest way to do this is, of course, with CBD Oil Tincture.

Different doses are the same product, but with different strengths, so there is something for everyone.

Other CBD products do not lend themselves so well to dose variation. CBD Oil tincture is malleable.

And that’s really it. You have the power to offer your customers a wide range of “Goldilocks products.”

Some folks might sit comfortably in the 3,000mg dose range (100mg per 1 milliliter). Our CEO Eben is one of these people.

Others (most people probably) are more comfortable with a 900mg or 1,800mg dose – 30mg/ml and 60mg/ml, respectively.

The point is, you want to help your customers find the CBD that is not too hot, and not cold, but just right for their body.

When you do that, they will have no need to look elsewhere for their CBD.

When you’ve matched their fingerprint with a perfect CBD Oil Tincture dose, and found the amount that is just right, they will thrive like life on Earth.

Help your customers find their Goldilocks Zone, add to your CBD Oil Tincture lineup.

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