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In certain contexts developing a tolerance to something, especially a wellness supplement like CBD, can be a bad thing. Usually it means that the effectiveness of the supplement is going down.

When this happens with other compounds it may help to take a break for a little while, so you can begin taking the supplement later. The idea is that your body can get used to not having that compound or compounds in your system, and it will be more potent and noticeable when you resume the supplement regimen.

CBD however, like in so many other situations, is unique when it comes to building a tolerance. Keep reading to see why building a CBD tolerance may not be bad, but actually a desirable achievement.

What is a Supplement Tolerance?

In all likelihood, you can build a tolerance to CBD. But, because of the effects of the compound, this means something different than if you are taking a different supplement.

In many situations a “tolerance” means the effectiveness of whatever you’re taking is going down. This reduction in effectiveness is particularly common when taking bodybuilding supplements or nootropics. Pre workout supplements are especially notorious for losing their effectiveness over time.

But, the common thread between these types of compounds that stop working as well the more you use them is that they have a kick or a noticeable effect. Nootropics, for example, will make you feel differently after you take them.

Pre workout supplements, the same. Usually, these types of products have caffeine in them, which you can of course build a tolerance too.

Can You Build a CBD Tolerance?

CBD is different from these classic examples of tolerance building. Why?

It doesn’t produce the noticeable effects that other supplements create. It’s a more subtle compound that works in the background cleaning up your body, helping you recover, and doing the necessary but oft forgotten work that your body needs.

A long-winded way of saying it doesn’t give you a buzz. If there is any noticeable effect it’s mild and soothing and leaves you wondering if you’re going to “feel” anything else or not.

The tolerance that people usually talk about, when it seems like something doesn’t work as well as it used to, is typically a reduction in the noticeable effect of the compound – the buzz or kick it provides.

Since that’s not the goal with CBD, general wellness maintenance is, there’s no drop off in the potency after extended use. In fact, unlike these other supplements, a CBD “tolerance” or buildup in your system may be quite beneficial, in more than one way.

Is a CBD Tolerance Good?

Creating a buildup or stockpile of CBD in your body may actually be a good thing for you, for a couple reasons. The first, which admittedly has nothing to do with wellness, is that over time you may need less CBD.

If you buildup a stockpile, a tolerance of sorts, it may take less CBD to do the job you ask of it then it used to. This could end up saving you money, and is yet another reason to always pay attention to how you feel when consuming CBD, and continually experimenting to gauge your response.

The second, less conjectural reason building up CBD in your body is positive rather than negative, is that once again you need to use less CBD. But this doesn’t have to do with some moolah, it just means that your body requires less of the ever-helping compound CBD.

If the CBD you take is effective at doing its job, and CBD always works whether you feel it or not, your body should need less help than it used to. That’s because cannabinoids and your Endocannabinoid system modulate everything else going on in your body.

The more modulated and homeostatic the systems, organs, joints, and muscles in your body get, the less help they need from external compounds like CBD.

The longer you take CBD the less inflammation you should have, the faster you should be able to recover after strenuous activity, and the more relaxed you should feel.

Does this equate to a tolerance? Maybe, maybe not.

The point is, the longer you take CBD, the more compounding the effects should be. And positive compounding effects on your body will take your wellness on an upward exponential trajectory.

Start Building Your Homeostasis Now!

The easiest way to begin building your homeostatic stockpile with cannabinoids is to start today. As the cliche goes, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best is today.”

Don’t delay any longer. If you’d like to begin collecting compound interest on your wellness journey, go to our CBD Tinctures page, pick the dose that’s right for you, and begin reaping the rewards of your CBD tolerance!

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