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To some CBD may be a bit of a controversial compound. It’s related to cannabis, highly regulated, and treated as a panacea in some circles.

But, upon further examination, CBD doesn’t fit into any of these general assumptions.

Despite its relation to cannabis, CBD does not get you high. It produces zero psychoactive reactions.

It is highly regulated in some ways but that can be a good thing for the consumer.

Stringent government oversight means people selling CBD will be less likely to cut corners. They have no choice but to offer only the highest quality products.

As for CBD being a cure all, it’s not. But it is a vital component of a well-rounded wellness routine. In many ways, it’s wicked good for you.

While CBD may not solve all your life’s problems, it can make your life a bit easier everyday. Below are three reasons why you should take CBD on a regular basis.

Can CBD Increase Your Well-Being?

There is some evidence that CBD can address specific problems in your body. But, that science is not quite conclusive, and has not been approved by the FDA.

However, there is no disputing that CBD can enhance your general well-being.


It’s based on how CBD interacts with your body.

Every mammal on Earth has an Endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS contains a network of receptors found in every cell of your body.

These cannabinoid receptors receive CBD when it enters your body. CBD and other cannabinoids fit into these receptors like a key in a lock.

And when that key fits into the lock it facilitates a well-being reaction in your body. The ECS is a modulatory system. It regulates and modulates all the other systems and processes happening inside you all the time.

The ECS is responsible for turning things like your immune system on and off or facilitating a healing reaction when you have a bump or are recovering after exercise.

When you take CBD, it fits into the ECS which helps your body regulate the other processes going on. What this means is that CBD helps your body maintain a general well-being.

This could have implications for solving specific problems, time and research will tell. But, what is for certain now is that CBD will help your body maintain its own healthy state by activating your ECS.
Can CBD Reduce Inflammation?

One specific process that CBD likely aids is inflammation reduction. Inflammation can present itself in numerous ways in your body, and can be present everywhere.

The magic of CBD and the ECS is that it influences all parts of your body. Whether inflammation is in your organs, on your skin, or in your muscles CBD can access all these areas because the ECS resides in all of them.

This means that the soothing effects of CBD can impact all these different places simultaneously. And the soothing relief CBD provides helps you flush out inflammation.

That’s because your ECS keeps your body in homeostasis. When inflammation is flaring it helps the other systems of your body flush that inflammation, creating a healing effect and getting you back to feeling normal more quickly.

CBD and the ECS activate your body’s ability to heal itself. Without CBD your body can heal itself, but CBD supercharges that process.

Why Should You Use CBD After the Gym for Muscle Pain?

An example of how CBD can reduce inflammation is after exercise or strenuous physical activity. Whether you were lifting weights or doing work around your house, if you’re sore you’re inflamed.

This inflammation is your body’s natural response to the stresses of life. You’re supposed to perform physical activities, how you feel afterward depends on how your body can handle that stress.

Physical stress can be a good thing or a bad thing. Your natural response defines whether it is beneficial or detrimental to your overall health.

CBD can help turn physical stresses into beneficial stresses, whereas without CBD there’s a higher chance these physical stresses could be detrimental.

That’s because of how CBD increases your body’s capacity to heal itself. CBD doesn’t enter your muscles or stiff joints easing the soreness by flushing inflammation out itself.

Instead, it helps to boost your body’s ability to do that on its own. CBD helps stimulate your natural healing responses.

That’s why, if you workout regularly for example, CBD is an excellent supplement to add to your post workout or bedtime routine.

It stimulates the healing response so you feel less stiff and sore the following day. Quicker recovery gives you more benefit from whatever workouts you do.

This recovery process flushes lactic acid from your muscles and helps to build them back stronger. Basically, CBD helps your body get out of its own way so it can function optimally and perform all the processes it’s meant to perform.

CBD Muscle Rub is the perfect product to do this.

Rub it on any sore area and the CBD crosses your skin barrier, entering your bloodstream. Then, the CBD helps soothe your aches and pains by helping your body flush toxins and residue left by activity.

Try CBD Muscle Rub for yourself and see how it can help you feel better faster and benefit more from whatever physical activity you do.

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