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Being sore and stiff are a part of life. Especially if you’re an athlete, you workout regularly, or do physical tasks on a regular basis.

Getting rid of soreness is essential when you live an active life. The faster your body can recover, the faster you can get back to doing what you have to do and what you love to do.

The question is: Can CBD help with sore muscles? Keep reading to find out.

CBD Helps Recovery

Any athlete knows that recovery is just as important – if not more important – than their actual workout. Recovery is where the growth happens, especially in your muscles.

So it’s wise to optimize your recovery as much as possible, whether you’re a weekend warrior or superstar athlete at the top of your game. Without an optimal recovery routine all the sweat, effort, and energy you leave in the gym or on the field goes to waste.

But what do you need to incorporate into your recovery so you can get after it again tomorrow?

You need your body to flush out the waste that is causing stiffness and soreness. Lactic acid and other residue in your muscles can cause aches and pains that hold you back.

Fortunately, your body is adept at flushing these toxins out. And, with CBD you can kick this process into high gear. CBD helps your body relieve soreness and aches faster than if it was doing it on its own.

Inflammation Helps Recovery

When you get sore after physical activity it’s because you are having an inflammatory response. Inflammation gets a lot of bad press nowadays, and in many cases that’s for good reason.

Excessive and chronic inflammation can be incredibly debilitating. However, inflammation is a natural healing response your body has and is necessary for recovery.

The problem with inflammation occurs when it goes on for too long, without anything turning the inflammatory response off. When you workout you create microtears in your muscles.

These tiny tears are the catalyst for growth in your muscles. You break the muscles down a little bit and your body floods that area with healing fluids and compounds.

As your muscles get engorged with inflammatory fluids they grow back a little bigger and stronger than they were the day before. Inflammation and the nutrients it provides are critical for this healing and recovery process.

The issue with inflammation is when this healing response doesn’t stop when it has done its job. When inflammation can continue with no stop-check on the process it can break down healthy tissues which triggers another inflammatory response.

It creates a positive feedback loop, continuing to feed itself. This is where antiinflammatories come into play.

CBD May Be Anti-inflammatory, Perfect Post-Workout

CBD and other compounds found in the hemp plant may have very high anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and more compounds all found in the hemp plant create a powerful combination of potentially anti-inflammatory compounds.

When you consume them after exercising, you help your body turn off its healing inflammatory response. You need that inflammation to rush fluids to the areas that need healing after exercise.

But you also need that process to stop before it becomes chronic. Anti-inflammatory compounds do just that.

When they enter your bloodstream they flow to where inflammation is occurring – whether that inflammation is a result of working out, or from any other cause. Then they flush the inflammation and fluids out of the inflamed area.

This puts a stop to inflammation after it has done its healing job, but before it becomes a case of over inflammation. Topical or oral CBD both may be able to facilitate this process.

New CBD Muscle Rub is the perfect product to harness this potential anti-inflammation response. Rub it on any sore spot you have and let the menthol and CBD combination reduce your soreness and flush out inflammation.

Try it out here and see if it doesn’t make a difference!

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