Bradenton Macular Degeneration

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Many people come to Coastal Eye asking what macular degeneration is. Macular degeneration affects central vision,making tasks such as reading difficult. Also known as age-related macular degeneration, this condition is a deterioration of the macula that results in impaired central vision. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in those over age 55.

There are many factors that increase the chances of having or developing macular degeneration, such as age, having a fair complexion, being of the female gender, smoking and heart disease. A large, well-designed study, AREDS, has concluded that high levels of dietary supplements consisting of a combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and zinc at specific concentrations may lower the risk of developing advanced stages of macular degeneration by 25% for people at high risk.

The most common type of macular degeneration is dry AMD. Visual deterioration is usually milder in this form. Wet AMD affects 10 percent of all individuals with macular degeneration and is more severe. In wet AMD, abnormal blood vessels leak fluid and blood into the retina, causing loss of vision.

There are treatments available for macular degeneration. Careful monitoring of vision and regular eye exams are important for those with both forms of AMD. Dietary modifications are also important to help reduce the risk of dry AMD from worsening. See an eye specialist promptly from Bradenton’s Coastal Eye Macular Degeneration Institute for your best chances at preserving your vision.

There are also new drugs out on the market, known as anti-VEGF medications, which have been shown to slow and even reverse the progression of the disease in some patients. This form of therapy is designed to inhibit the unwanted blood vessel growth caused by AMD, thereby reducing leakage and bleeding. Examples of new therapies that we now offer include: Avastin, Lucentis and Eylea.

Determination for whether you are at high risk is made after a dilated examination of the retina and possibly a fluorescein angiogram. If you are a smoker, beta carotene supplement is not recommended because it may increase the risk of lung cancer. Smokers can use a similar vitamin supplement that substitutes lutein for beta carotene.

People with a history of urinary tract infections are cautioned that zinc may increase the chances of developing such infections. Additionally, copper supplements need to be taken, as zinc will otherwise cause a copper deficiency. It is not known what the impact of taking antioxidants and zinc combination supplements for decades will be. These supplements have no effect on the progression of cataracts.

If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and have been referred to a specialist, be sure that you choose a retina specialist from the Bradenton Coastal Eye Macular Degeneration clinic. Their board-certified and fellowship-trained retina specialists provide a full spectrum of medical and surgical treatments for conditions that affect the retina, vitreous, an macula.

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Bradenton Macular Degeneration