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The season of gift giving is right around the corner and you could supply your herd with everything they need to give their list!

Having new and exciting options to offer your people is an easy way to get more CBD to more people… something we all agree the world needs more of. Whether they buy for themselves or are hoping to make that cranky uncle less cranky, CBD is a vital supplement for the holiday season.

Read on to see the best wholesale CBD products for the holidays. And don’t delay, do your holiday wholesale CBD ordering today.

Gift buying is already underway (according to the tv commercials)! Give the people something to buy early, reward those who plan ahead.

Retail & Wholesale CBD Products For The Holidays

You know how the holidays can be with all the wanted (and unwanted) family time, the bills, the shopping, and seemingly never-ending parties… It can be stressful!

Fortunately, there are things like CBD, which can help take the edge off.

Offer these three products this holiday season, and you can help your herd make it through to the new year, while giving them some easy gifts to give.

CBD Candies & Gummies

The holiday season is a sweet treat lovers paradise. There’s candy galore from Halloween all the way to Valentine’s day. And while candy can be an excellent relief from the hectic season, let’s not kid ourselves and say it’s good for you. Unless of course you’re offering up some CBD candy!

CBD Candies and CBD Gummies are the best of both worlds. They give the sugar-snacker a potent dose of CBD, while also satisfying that hyperactive sweet tooth.

Load your people on these tasty treats this holiday season and help them feel a bit better about their sugary indulgences.

CBD Patches with Lidocaine or Menthol

As the holidays relentlessly roll towards us, that means winter is on the way too. For many that means cold, snow, and ice. And, as is often the case, all that frozen water laying around leads to injuries.

Shoveling heavy snow, slipping and falling off your porch, and getting stiff and cold decorating outside can all result in some aches and pains. An easy way to dull that pain and make you feel like it isn’t ten degrees outside? CBD pain patches.

CBD Patches infused with lidocaine and menthol will make you forget about that bruise on your backside within minutes. Stick one of these on wherever you’re hurting and the anesthetic and analgesic properties of these two natural pain killers will bliss you out. Or, at least, let you forget that you wiped in the middle of the street.

CBD + Melatonin Tincture

Everyone could use a little extra rest during the holidays. It’s a stressful time jam-packed with plans, plus it’s wicked dark and cold outside. Snuggling up in a warm bed for a full restful night of sleep will help to get you through.

But sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy. That’s why a CBD plus melatonin tincture is so essential during this time of year.

The two compounds work synergistically with each other to lull you into a deep, restful state. CBD helps you relax so you can fall asleep easily, and melatonin helps your body find that deep spot of healing rejuvenation.

A dropper of this powerful combination will change how you sleep. And how you sleep will change your days.

Get Your CBD For The Holidays Now!

And that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. Really, you could offer any CBD product for the holidays, it’s an essential part of staying even-keeled during a stressful season. But without a doubt these three CBD products will be great additions to your customers’ holiday festivities.

Head over to our wholesale page to sign up and get the CBD products you need for the holiday season.

And stay tuned here for more holiday product ideas (and a few new holiday products coming soon)!

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