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As of this writing frigid temperatures are descending across the country. It’s going to be cold… no matter where you are!

It seems that winter has finally arrived in all its freezing glory.

That’s why there’s no better time to think about the best cold weather CBD products. Keep reading to find out how you can use CBD to help stave off the freezing temperatures!

CBD Bath Bomb Evenings

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing better than a steaming hot bath at the end of the day. The warm water soaks into your stiff joints and loosens them up while lifting your mood as you shield yourself from the weather outside.

And there’s only one way to make this routine even better. A CBD bath bomb.

Cut them in half to get two baths out of one, or go all in and drop the full 100mg CBD bath bomb into your relaxing pool of hot water.

Then let yourself sink in for an hour or two of steamy soaking. The hot water and CBD will work together to loosen you up and warm you up after the icy air has chilled you to the bones.

CBD Salves for Chapped Lips and Skin

It seems no matter where you are – inside or outdoors – during winter the air dries your skin out. Cold weather reduces humidity because the air can’t hold as much moisture.

And cold weather gives you excellent cause to turn the heat up, which also lowers the ambient humidity in your house. When there’s less moisture in the air it sucks moisture out of your skin.

You’re left with cracking and chapping on your lips, hands, elbows and most other places on your body.

Since cold air outside and dry warm air inside are inevitable for most of you, what can you do?

Enter CBD salve.

It’s the perfect antidote for dry winter skin. It sinks deep into your skin, hydrating and protecting all your dermal layers.

CBD salve has the power to lock moisture into your skin cells despite the dry air trying to suck it out. Massage some into any dry areas morning and night and let it keep you moisturized!

Hot Tea, Lemon CBD

Aside from a bowl of soup, there may be no better remedy than a hot cup of tea to warm your soul during winter. Tea has plenty of verified health benefits like helping you relax and strengthening your immune system.

And, it does something almost mystical for you, especially when you can have a cup during a serious cold snap. Throw in some lemon CBD tincture, and you have a bona fide winter warmer.

The tea and CBD work together to help you relax while the steaming liquid heats you up from the inside out. Plus, the tangy lemon in the CBD tincture adds a nice pop of flavor to what otherwise could be a rudimentary beverage.

No matter how you do it, CBD can help you relax and unwind when the weather stiffens your joints, dries out your skin, and sucks the warmth out of you. Head to our shop to get all your cold weather CBD essentials!

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