Back is Stiff? Smack n’ Sniff “Adult Stickers…” New Wholesale CBD Patches

Customers got Pain?

You know the kind of pain that lingers, day after day, from sitting in the car, or in front of the computer, from staring at your phone for longer than you know you should, injuries, stress, or any other kind of soreness, stiffness, inflammation, or spasms?

Not anymore.

Smack one of our new CBD Patches on, smell the soothing supplements (Lidocaine and Menthol varieties) and feel that stiff back (or knee, shoulder, or neck) melt away like butter on a hot pan.

(Need a little relief, but not the whole patch worth? Cut it in half for half the CBD.)

CBD Patches = Adult Stickers

CBD Patches are applied to a relatively hairless part of your body and remain there all day (or all night… highly recommended).

Natural supplements, including our favorite CBD, are infused directly into the fabric of the patch for hours of pain management, inflammation reduction, and general relaxation.

By remaining in contact with your skin for 8 plus hours, the patch is able to continually release the healing properties of the infusions directly into your body.

This extended contact, combined with the custom design of the patch, bypasses your skin and seeps directly into your bloodstream.

Anywhere, All The Time, CBD Pain Patch

Ideally, you can apply a patch directly onto an area of your body where you are experiencing pain, stiffness, and/or soreness.

Your perpetually-planted-in-front-of-the-computer narrator (me) loves to use these bad boys for neck and shoulder pain… the cost of rapping out words day after day to be a writer certainly takes its toll.

If you aren’t able to get a patch stuck to a particularly sore spot (talk to me about hairy backs) fear not.

Even if the patch is somewhere else on your body, the therapeutic effects of CBD and maybe some menthol or lidocaine (see our full line-up to pick your desired ingredients) will seep into your body and flow through your veins to wherever the pain is and… voila your stiff, sore, aching body releases off into a blissful state of calm wellness.

Wholesale CBD Pain Patches

We’re bullish on these babies and think that everybody who uses CBD (and everyone who doesn’t) needs to be going through their days or nights with one on.

Wholesalers get a particularly relieving deal for any of our patches right now.

If you’re a wholesale client of ours or have been considering becoming one, now is the time. The pricing we have available will not last forever, and will certainly go up as demand does.

So hop on the bargain bus ASAP and get all day pain relief and relaxation into the hands of your patrons before any more time passes.

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