Are You Ready for a CBD Spa Night? | Casco Bay Hemp CBD Bundles

Have you about had it with the holidays? ‘Tis the season for the holiday season to be wrapping up.

As fun as it is, it’s equally stressful. Gifts, parties, and snow on the roads.

Fortunately, you can treat yourself to a spa night… without even going to the spa. The new CBD Spa Bundle is here to help you forget real life for a minute and drift off to somewhere warm and soothing.

Keep reading to learn how easy it is to give yourself a spa treatment… at home!

Step 1: CBD Tincture

To get your night of CBD R&R started off right, begin with some CBD tincture. Give yourself a nice baseline CBD effect by putting a dropper full under your tongue and holding it there.

Keep it under for about ninety seconds. That way, you let the CBD soak into your bloodstream for maximum benefit.

You can find the flavor that suits you best, but for an evening at the spa, peppermint CBD tincture is the choice. CBD tincture is not included in your CBD Spa Bundle, but it’s an essential add on. Get yours here.

Step 2: CBD Bath Bomb

The first step in your CBD Spa Bundle is to fill your tub. You’re about to soak in a relaxing pool of CBD.

Get the hot water pouring into your bath, then unwrap your CBD bath bomb. This bomb is loaded with 100mg of CBD, all of which is about to get absorbed right into your body.

It’ll ease any inflammation you have on your skin, and make it feel soft and smooth. But, more importantly it’s going to transport you… somewhere else.

Some common places you might go are… floating on a cloud… laying in a meadow of soft, sweet grass… or sitting next to a wood stove with a hot drink in your hand.

Wherever your imagination lets you drift, enjoy it. This CBD bath bomb is your key to escape reality, if only for an hour.

[Or, if you’d like to get two hours out of your bomb, split yours in half, it’s easily big enough for two trips to CBD heaven! Just be sure to have an extra facemask on hand.]

Step 3: CBD Facemask

After you plunk your bomb into your steaming tub, but before you sink in yourself, be sure to pull out and apply your CBD facemask. What spa treatment is complete without a little love for your face?

This CBD sheet face mask creates a reservoir between your skin and the mask itself. That means it holds the CBD and various other vitamins and minerals on your skin, for as long as you wear it.

The reservoir gives the nutrients in the mask as much opportunity as possible to soak into your skin, nourish your cells, and leave you looking – and feeling – younger and fresher.

Smooth, younger skin has never been gotten so easily.

Step 4: CBD Lotion

After your luxurious tub, floating in some mystical land somewhere else, it’s time to lock in the benefits of your spa treatment. You don’t want to do all that “work” and then let it fade away like the clouds in your dream land, do you?

That’s why CBD lotion is essential after your bath bomb tub.

It continues to nourish your skin, after you’ve taken off your mask and drained your bath. The lotion will hold all that moisture on your body, and leave you feeling silky smooth as you move on to whatever is next on your schedule.

Ready for a soothing relaxing spa night, without going to the spa?

The easiest way to get that extra special treatment is to treat yourself. Grab what you need below and enjoy your you-time.

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