CBD Lab Test Results & COAs


At Casco Bay Hemp, we provide our customers with pure CBD products that enhance the mind, body, and soul. To make sure our customers trust this, we provide COAs on all our products. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Shoot a message to orders@cascobayhemp.com for any CBD lab test result inquiries or questions.

Click on the categories below to expand with each product COA. Based on manufacturing practices and laboratory discrepancies, there is a 10% allowable margin on dosage.

If you do not see your CoA present, please email: operations@cascobayhemp.com with your batch number.

Question CBD Tinctures & Oils

CBD Tincture (300mg)

CBD Tincture (450mg)

CBD Tincture THCV/CBD (500mg)

CBD Tincture (600mg)

CBD Tincture (900mg)

CBD/Melatonin Sleep & Restore Tincture (900mg)

CBD Tincture (1000mg)

CBD Tincture (1500mg)

CBD Tincture (1800mg)

CBD Tincture (2000mg)

CBD Tincture (3000mg)

CBD Tincture (6000mg)

CBD Tincture (10000mg)

Question CBD Salves, Lotions, Body & Skin Care Products

CBD Sheet Mask (10mg)

CBD Salve (900mg)

CBD Salve (3000mg)

CBD Salve (4000mg)

CBD Cream (200mg)

CBD Cream (600mg)

CBD Bath Bomb (100mg)

CBD Soap (75mg)

CBD Hair Oil (200mg)

CBD Massage Oil (300mg)

CBD Massage Oil (1 gallon)

Question Wholesale CBD Isolate & Concentrates
Question CBN Products
AnswerComing soon…

Our COA page is constantly being updated. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email orders@cascobayhemp.com and we will do what we can do help.

What is a CBD COA?

A CBD Certificates of Analysis (COA) are documents that accompany a CBD product. This document states that the CBD product is an original package from the manufacturer. CBD COAs provide the accurate level of CBD in each product as tested by the lab granting the product certificate. Customers can use these documents to double check the quality and validity of their CBD products and CBD product providers. Learn more about COAs here.

CBD Certificates of Analysis

Casco Bay Hemp believes in providing customers with legitimate and up to date COAs for all products. In conclusion, COAs are the only way to prove a product is legit as proof that they are pure and the best quality. Learn more about Casco Bay Hemp’s mission on our about page.