A Full Line of CBD Oil Products – Crafted From Experience On The Coast of Maine


The team at Casco Bay Hemp has decades of collective experience in the medical Maine cannabis and hemp industries. This experience has given us vast knowledge of how cannabinoids react in your body, and more specifically, how vital Cannabis compounds like CBD best integrates into your system. As a result, we cultivate, formulate, manufacture, and administer high-quality, effective, American-grown CBD and cannabis products. Integrity, transparency, and experience are the foundation of Casco Bay Hemp.

Cannabinoid Rich

Cannabinoid Rich

We produce the highest quality Maine CBD and cannabis products available.
Keepin' It Local

Keepin' It Local

All our hemp is grown in the USA and manufactured right here in Maine.
100% Bioactive

100% Bioactive

All our products are made with bioactive Cannabinoid rich hemp.

At Casco Bay Hemp we’re committed to providing naturally sourced high-quality products that enhance mind, body, and soul.

Casco Bay Hemp - Retail & Wholesale CBD Products

Integrity. Transparency. Experience.

For generations, humans have been deprived of CBD and other cannabinoids – vital nutrients for overall health. It is our mission to spread wellness to the world. We take a holistic, botanical, science-based approach to health and well-being. This starts with our CBD product line.

Casco Bay Hemp: The Way CBD Should Be

Our team has been deeply involved in the medical Cannabis industry for decades. This experience has given us the privilege to use Cannabis oil to help people with various ailments. With that knowledge as our foundation, we create therapeutic, science-based Cannabinoid oil products, even for the non-medical market. This is not a medical Cannabis company but “wellness” is the primary function of each product we bring to market. Our reputation, quality CBD products, and testimonials speak for themselves.

100% Pure American CBD Hemp Oil

All of our hemp oil products are below the .3% federal limit for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Rigorous 3rd party testing, executed throughout the cultivation and oil formulation process, substantiates this. In addition, all hemp used in our products is farmed using organic and eco-friendly practices from seed to sale. Our network of farmers, hemp extraction labs, and product innovators place our products alongside the best CBD Hemp oil on the market.

Our products contain the purest CBD rich full spectrum crude, distillate, and isolate available. We hope you enjoy our products and are proud of your purchase. You are helping yourself achieve optimal health while supporting a small U.S. company.

Lab Tests Available for All CBD Products

Our entire line of CBD products are third-party lab tested by an ISO certified lab. The lab results of each batch of CBD hemp oil can be found on our website for full transparency. Click here for our full listing of COAs (the results we get from the lab).