A New Car In The Veins of Your Customers: Private Label CBD Patches

You know as well as we do that CBD is great at aiding in relief from all different kinds of ailments.

(Especially when it’s fresh and whole, like a new car.)

Our clients and customers tell us all the time. We feel it every day.

You probably hear and feel the same.

And the CBD products on the market, and your store shelves, all do an excellent job at getting CBD into the body, and most importantly the bloodstream.

But, what if I told you, there’s an even more effective, efficient way to get CBD right into your bloodstream than ever before.

This method…

  • Seeps directly into the bloodstream like water running through paper
  • Time releases CBD like waves crashing on a beach… continually, relentlessly, one after another
  • Drips CBD like a leaky faucet… all day and all night
  • Uses the “symphony” effect to double or even triple the efficacy of nurturing supplements
  • Engages one of the most important, and undervalued, senses in the process of creating wellness
  • Spreads like oil across water, from one single spot, to quickly covering the whole body in CBD goodness (and soaking into every cell of the body like a sponge absorbing water)
  • Leaves the user feeling inexplicably blissed out, and free from whatever nagging symptoms they usually experience, whether it’s pain, inflammation, stiffness or any other physical ailment
  • Doesn’t require constantly eating, vaping or rubbing CBD onto the skin

Hear it Here First… “Adult Stickers” Are In

Or “adult stickers” as we’ve taken to calling them around our offices.

They get applied directly to the skin (in a relatively hair free area) and stay there for the next 8 hours. That direct, prolonged contact allows them to dump CBD directly into the bloodstream of the wearer for the entire time the patch is on their body.

Drip. Drip. Drip

Although we recommend applying the patch directly to a sore area, mostly because it provides almost instantaneous benefits, they can be worn anywhere. The longer they remain in contact with the skin, the farther and farther the CBD – which is infused directly into the fabric of the patch – spreads throughout the body.

Starting at one single point, and rapidly seeping into every single cell.

They can even be infused with other compounds to amplify the pain and soreness relief. (See our full patch product listing for options, and smell what we mean.) [LINK]

Private Label CBD Patches

We love these new patches, and we want to offer them to you, our valued private label customer.

Patches are a highly effective topical CBD application. Then, they almost instantly become a highly effective internal CBD product, because the CBD seeps directly into the bloodstream.

Even with ingestibles – candies, tincture, gel caps etc – there is some loss of bioavailability in the digestive tract of the consumer.

Not so with patches.

CBD Patches… Like a Brand New Car

This CBD has no digestive organs and enzymes to battle through to reach the interstate highway system of the body… the bloodstream. Patches dump CBD directly onto the road, and that road takes CBD to all corners of the human body.

Picture having to drive your car through forests, rivers, and mountains to find the highway. Now imagine using a simple, smooth on ramp to build up speed and zoom right onto the interstate.

That is the difference between going through the digestive system and going through the skin.

One way is smooth and will leave your “car” (CBD) in mint condition…

The other is rough and tumble and will beat up your CBD, like driving through the wilderness thrashes your auto.

This way the CBD gets into the bloodstream of the consumer with maximum bioavailability, in mint condition, rather than getting there like a tattered rust bucket after battling the jungles of the digestive system.

Get mint condition CBD directly into the veins of your customers. They’ll feel the difference, and you will too.

Available for wholesale, private label, white label, and retail.

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