6 Ways To Be A CBD Pro

The cannabinoid markets are getting pretty competitive. You must see this all the time.

Everybody and their brother is starting a CBD company, opening a dispensary, or putting CBD into whatever supplement they’re selling in their Shopify store.

It’s getting hard to tell the wellness pros from the gold digging bros.

BUT there are a couple ways you can really enhance the perception of your CBD business.

Even if you check a couple of these items off this list, you will be seen as a lot more legitimate in the eyes of your customers (and prospects), than the green rush gorillas streaming into our once uncrowned marketplace.

If you’re looking to enhance your brand’s image, and be considered a pro in an ever-more amateurish space, check out these tips…

1. Market Like A Pro

No shock here, but many companies miss the mark on this one. What is your strategy? Who is your ideal client? What media do you use to get your unique message out to your chosen masses? What is your unique message?

Answering these questions, among others, and IMPLEMENTING them into your strategy and systems, will put you light years ahead of the dudes who think they’re going to make a million just because they sell CBD.

And, if you’re looking for more in depth guidance on how to up your marketing game, check out our CBD Marketing Services page.

2.Offer A Range Of Products

CBD is great in all its forms, and works just as well in any of them. You know that. But the hemp hungry masses don’t. The good people of the world think you need a topical CBD for pain or skin issues, a tincture for internal ingestion, and they love to see a candy or gummy to pop as a guilt free treat.

They may be wrong, thinking they need all different kinds of CBD but why correct them? Give the people what they want! A whole range of CBD to choose from.

3. Offer High-Strength Products

As much as there are less informed consumers out there (like the folks mentioned above), there is also a class of consumers who know just as much about CBD as anyone in the world. These are typically people who are using CBD for more serious problems like chronic illnesses and the like. Or, they’re people who need a bit more CBD to get the results others may get at much lower doses.

Either way, if you don’t have high-strength products in your lineup like CBD Capsules or CBD Salve.

You’re going to be putting some consumers off. Oblige the high-strength crowd with super strong products of your own.

4. Write A Book

I don’t care what industry you’re in, if you have a book that you wrote, you’re legit. At least you look that way, and in this case that’s all that really matters. You know you’re a CBD professional, and if you have enough knowledge in your noggin to fill the pages of a book, then you prove your professionalism on paper.

There are plenty of easy ways to self-publish a book, create an ebook, or, if you’re a true overachiever, get one published by a real publisher. The options are endless, it’s up to you to choose.

5. Join An Association, Alliance, Society Or Guild

Likely, you are already a member of one of these. If not, we highly recommend it. Hopefully you can find an association or guild to join in your city or state. Not only does it make you look much more legit to be accepted into a fraternity of your peers, but they’ll also watch your back, lobby on your behalf, and support you in more ways than can be listed here.

For you Mainers in the crowd the Maine Growers Alliance is a good place to start.

6. Have CBD Biomass For Sale

Probably the easiest way to enter into CBD Pro status is Biomass, the sign of a true connoisseur. This is where it all starts. You likely receive CBD products that have already been manufactured, packaged, and even labeled. If you want to be a true professional go back to the source…CBD Biomass.

You can do a whole lot with CBD Biomass. Having raw flower or CBD Biomass for sale will make you more legit.

But, you can go further than that and explore your own R&D, pressing and extractions, and infusions. It’s a whole world of fun, and once you start handling and selling the source of all CBD you won’t look back, and your customers won’t look anywhere but at you, a true CBD Pro.

If you’re looking to be even more of a CBD pro than you already are, you can find CBD Biomass for sale here.

There it is. 6 ways to be a true CBD Professional. If you need help with any of all of the above, reach out to us using the contact form on our CBD Raw Materials page and we will help you with whatever you need.

Happy helping. Stay professional.