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We all want to take care of our furry friends. Dogs bring joy to life, even when things seem to be at their worst. Your four-legged best friend is there for you.

But they are affected by some of the same afflictions that can take a toll on humans. Notably, emotional swings, aches and pains, and stiff joints can all zap the gusto from your buddy.

Luckily, as with people, CBD can alleviate your dog of all those issues. Keep reading to learn why CBD tincture is the best CBD product for your fuzzy best friend.

CBD Tincture for Dogs Allows You to Adjust the Dose

Do you take CBD? If you’re researching CBD for your dog you probably do. And do you know that when you take CBD, a tincture is one of the best ways to take it?

Although there are a number of reasons why CBD tincture is so good, one of the top ones is that you can control the dose.

With other CBD treats (pet or human) you pop the snack into your mouth and trust that the label is giving you accurate dose information. But there’s no real way to tell.

CBD tincture ends that. The tincture comes in a vile and gets administered with a graduated dropper. That dropper tells you exactly how much tincture you’re taking.

Based on the strength of your dogs CBD tincture, you know exactly how much CBD you’re giving them.

CBD Tincture Mixes in With Food

CBD tincture is an oil-based product, which means it mixes easily with other oils. And dog foods, wet or dry, have oil in them. If you drop some CBD tincture on their food before you feed them, they’ll eat the CBD up without even knowing it.

You won’t have to worry about force-feeding the drops to them. For some reason, no matter what you’re trying to give them, they never want to take it.

Spritzing their food with tincture is a lot easier.

CBD Tincture is Easily Absorbed by Your Dog

CBD tincture is highly absorbable. When humans take tincture it’s recommended that they hold it under their tongue to maximize bioavailability by letting the CBD absorb right into their bloodstream.

This sublingual absorption is probably not possible with your pup… if it is, kudos to you, you’ve got one trained pooch.

Regardless of whether your dog knows to hold their CBD tincture under their tongue or not, CBD tincture for dogs has a lot of bioavailability.

That’s because your dog’s digestive system absorbs oils easily and our CBD tincture is made with high-quality, healthy MCT oil.

When it enters your pup’s body, it’ll start getting absorbed into their bloodstream the second it hits their tongue. And once it’s in their bloodstream, it gets transported everywhere in their body.

CBD Tincture is More Potent Than Other CBD Pet Treats

Most CBD pet treats on the market have relatively small doses of CBD. Some go as low as one or two milligrams per treat, which is alright for smaller canines, but bigger dogs need more.

You could give your 160-pound Great Dane 50 2 milligram pet treats every day, but that is what’s called an expensive habit.

You’re much better off getting a higher-strength product. And CBD tincture packs the most CBD per dose of any CBD product on the market.

Plus, as mentioned above, you can adjust the dose. Think they may need more today after that long run? Drop an extra half dropper onto dinner to ensure your best friend has plenty of CBD to keep the inflammation down and the recovery time quick.

It might not hurt for you to take a few drops too!

CBD tincture is the best way to give your dog CBD. If you need to stock up on a few bottles to get your pal through all the summer adventures go to our CBD for Pets page and find the strength that’s right for your best friend.

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