It’s tough being a cat these days…

Social upheaval, political drama, a house full of quarantined humans…Mitten’s daily nap, stretch, nap circuit has been disrupted, to say the least. It’s got us meowing for how things used to be.

But, in all seriousness, animal anxiety and other emotional disturbances are nothing to joke about. Animals can be just as sensitive as humans to their environments, sometimes even more so. And it’s just as important for pets to keep a stable state of mind as it is for people. How can they make you feel better if they’re shaking under the couch?

When it comes to eliminating tabby tension the “Pet Doctor” recommends:

  • Pheromone Collars
  • Feliway Sprayers/Diffusers
  • Zylkene Supplements
  • CBD Tinctures

CBD is one of the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatories available. And, it works just as well for cats (and other animals) as it does for humans. Vets are even recommending CBD before suggesting more unnatural, behavior affecting pharmaceutical medications.

Give your furry friends one milliliter under their tongue or mixed in with their favorite meal and watch the tension melt from their shoulders as they sink back into their favorite couch cushion. Go get some calming CBD so your feline friends can be feeling fine in these crazy times.

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