4 Gifts That Will Make You A Holiday Hero

Do You Have This Disease?

I know I do. It’s the disease that prevents you from even thinking about buying holiday gifts for anyone on your list, until… it’s too late.

Then, you’re scrambling.

Can you order them fast enough to arrive by whatever magical day you exchange gifts with others?

Can you find what you are looking for in a store near you? (Good luck this year.)

And the worst question of all: Are the gifts you’re giving even appreciated? Or, are they coming off as “So And So gives bad gifts. I don’t even want this. Clearly they (you?) didn’t think of something until the last minute and gave me any old heartless item to make themselves feel better for “giving everyone a present.” But I don’t even like this (fill in the blank with whatever useless gifts you’ve given in the past).

Well, you holiday horror story, we’re here to help you on your path, the path of the holiday hero, and the adventure you’re on right now.

4 Gifts That Will Make You A Holiday Hero

When it comes to giving a present (or receiving one), the gifts that are often most appreciated are the ones that have some use.

Does anyone really need any more ornaments? No!

Instead, hand out some supreme stocking stuffers, like the 4 holiday CBD products listed below, and be the hero of the holidays.

Here goes…

4 Holiday CBD Products To Make Your Hero’s Journey Triumphant

CBD Candies

These tasty little treats will bring out the kid in anyone. They’re delicious, and will make the muncher feel like a child again (relaxed). They come in assorted flavors so they will always keep your friends and family on their toes, as they dip their fingers into the classic candy tin, to pull out yet another treat.

Plus, they’re loaded with 10mg of calming CBD per candy (see above sentence about being relaxed like a kid). 10mg isn’t quite enough for a full serving of CBD, which is perfect because whoever eats one hard candy at a time? Shop CBD Candies here.

CBD Gummies

Truly a superb stocking stuffer, these chewy, organic gummies pack a powerful punch of 20mg of CBD, plus real fruit, gelatin, and nothin’ else. They’re basically a health treat. No artificial sweeteners (or official sweeteners for that matter, it’s only fruit!). No crappy fillers. No dyes or coloring. Only wholesome CBD and Maine grown organic fruit. Keep your peeps happy and healthy. Shop organic CBD Gummies here.

Super Strong CBD Salve

They can use a little, or use a lot. It’s up to your giftee. This Super Strong CBD Salve goes DEEP. As it gets massaged onto the body, it permeates the skin, and pumps powerful CBD right into the bloodstream of your Secret Santa Sweetheart. Hardly anything will make them feel better, relieve all their aches and pains, and put them on a more blissful cloud nine. AND it packs a whopping 900mg of CBD into 2 tiny ounces. The perfect size for stuffing a stocking. Shop CBD Salve here.

CBD Bath Bombs

Much like the Super Strong CBD Salve mentioned above, these bath bombs are holiday heavy hitters. Not in an overwhelming way of course (CBD combats overwhelm like a knight beheads a dragon). These are simply just strong bombs. Your recipient will float away into a wonderful land (where dragons and knights might still exist), as they sink deeply into a hot steaming bath, while the CBD sinks deeply into their body. Shop CBD Bath Bombs here.

Noted side effects: Deep relaxation, blissful happiness, a warm tingling feeling in place of stress; aches; and pains. Who knows if it’s the hot water, the wine, or the bath bomb. All we know is that it feels just fine.

You Have The Knowledge, Now Act!

Well, there you have it. You’ve now passed a master class in gift giving. Never again will you be the holiday hump who can’t seem to get the gift giving thing figured out.

You now have a tool chest of gift giving ideas to stuff stockings, surprise secret Santa’s (in a good way), or give yourself a little extra TLC during this stressful time of year.

If being a holiday hero is something that interests you, head over to our show and hunt down the above mentioned gift ideas. You will not disappoint.

Or, pick and choose from all the other options available. They’re all just as good, and fit inside stockings, too.

Happy Holidays!

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