4 Uses for CBD in Dogs | Casco Bay Hemp | Wholesale & Private Label

Pets are valuable members of the family, and it’s devastating for a dog owner to see their beloved animal in any kind of pain. According to SingleCare, 33% of American adults have used CBD at least once. However, you may not be aware that CBD can offer benefits to pets in addition to people. With the approval of your veterinarian, you may wish to consider trying CBD for pets to see if it improves your dog’s mental health. Read on for three ways CBD can help with dog anxiety.

1. Reduce Hyperactivity

While your dog should enjoy some physical activity, hyperactivity is another story. Even a reasonably active dog should sit down and get tired at some point. However, some dogs are overly active due to anxiety or other personality issues. When they’re hyperactive, it may be impossible to leave them alone for as little as an hour without them tearing up the house. According to a study by Cindy Santiago-Castañeda et al., CBD can decrease glutamate, which causes hyperactivity in the brain. This means CBD for pets can offer the solutions your dog needs to feel more relaxed.

2. Reduce Stress

Does your dog pace back and forth? Are they constantly biting themselves or whining for apparently no reason? Do they often suffer from separation anxiety and use the bathroom inside the house the minute you leave? If so, it may be time to try CBD oil. According to a study by A W Zuardi et al., CBD can reduce the secretion of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Upon release of the hormone, you can expect your anxious dog to calm down a bit. According to Veterinarians.org, 1 to 5 mg of oil per 10 pounds of body weight can help with canine anxious behavior.

3. Improve Mood

Canine emotions are usually pretty obvious. Does your normally happy pet now appear to be depressed or sad? Like the human brain, your dog’s brain also produces serotonin. When you use CBD for pets, it supports the release of serotonin, which will help your dog feel happier and more calm.

No pet owner wants to see their beloved animal suffer due to anxiety. If your dog displays signs of stress, mood swings, or other anxious behavior, you may want to consider using CBD for pets. If you want to learn more about CBD products and their benefits for dogs, contact Casco Bay Hemp for more information.