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A full line of phytocannabinoid Rich CBD products to improve the health of your mind, body, and soul. With Casco Bay Hemp, you’re getting more than just high-quality CBD products. From our hemp candy to our wholesale products, you can find anything you need in our online store. We have had the privilege of creating the CBD oil Maine residents both love and rely on, and continue to pave the way to new and exciting innovations within the cannabinoid community. Our team has collective decades of experience in the industry and is passionate about what we do.

Casco Bay Hemp is on a mission to spread the benefits of hemp and CBD to the world. If you’re ready to begin your journey, contact us today. You won’t regret it.

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Question CBD Private Label Services
AnswerPrivate Label Services: CBD products manufactured, shipped, labeled & branded, and delivered directly to you. Ready to get your own line of CBD products? Or expand what you currently offer? Email and tell us you are interested in Private Label products. In as little as a few emails we can have your CBD products headed to you.

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Question CBD White Label Services
AnswerWhite Label Services: You order the CBD products you want to sell. They get to you waiting for your label. Our CBD, your brand. Put high-quality CBD behind your name and logo.

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Question CBD Consulting Services
AnswerDo you own a CBD company, or offer CBD to your clients, customers, or patients? Here’s how to get expert guidance for all things CBD related: Sign up to be a CBD Consulting Client. Make your CBD business life that much easier.

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Question CBD Marketing Services
AnswerIf you sell CBD, you are really in the business of marketing CBD products. If that’s not what you signed up for, that’s okay. Take advantage of expert marketing guidance in our CBD Marketing Services program. We have openings, right now, but space is very limited, and tends to fill up quickly.

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Question CBD Wholesale Services
AnswerNeed a wholesale CBD source? Tired of low-quality, overpriced products? Your search is over. Email and place an order for high-quality, farm to package CBD products today.

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Question What is CBD hemp oil?
AnswerAll our CBD products start with pure, tested CBD hemp oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil is one of dozens of non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids are characterized by their ability to act on existing cannabinoid receptors found in our bodies, making up our Endocannabionoid System (ECS). CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in oil from the hemp plant. It’s non-intoxicating which makes it ideal for people seeking the health benefits of hemp cannabinoids without the mind altering effects of cannabis (THC).
Question Why buy CBD hemp oil from Casco Bay Hemp?
AnswerThrough our strategic partnerships with organically conscious CBD hemp farmers and top rated hemp extracting facilities, we use the purest CBD hemp oil available in making our products. With so many new companies entering the CBD hemp oil marketplace, it’s important to know what is going into your body. A lot of companies are using hemp seed oil with no active cannabinoids, or an isolate based product that will not offer you the benefits of a full spectrum CBD hemp oil product. Our manufacturing processes are compliant with all federal and state regulations.

Why Buy CBD Hemp Oil from Casco Bay Hemp

Casco Bay Hemp sources full spectrum CBD Hemp crude oil from world-class growers and extraction facilities in creating cannabinoid rich CBD products. Our products contains high levels of CBD as well as trace amounts of secondary cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN (Cannabinoids that have been researched for their own health benefits). Cannabinoids work synergistically with each other, which is known as the entourage effect.

Slow and steady, we have been building a reputation as being a trustworthy and reliable source of truly pure CBD oil products for sale. We are constantly being hailed as one of the top reputable CBD companies online. Shop our CBD oil online today with fast shipping across the United States.

Question Is it legal to buy CBD hemp oil online?
AnswerIt’s important to make sure the company you buy CBD oil from is state compliant and has up to date third party lab results for all its products. Due to FDA regulations, no CBD hemp oil manufacturer can make health claims about CBD products. We encourage all our customers to research the CBD oil industry.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil Online

The FDA will not allow CBD Hemp companies to make ANY medical claims. If you research credible medical journals, you can find the effects of CBD Hemp oil on your own. There are numerous scientific reviews and publications discussing the potential health benefits of CBD.

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